xml compliantThis script has been tested on and shown to work with the following browsers:
  • Internet Explorer version 7 and above
  • Google Chrome version 4 and above
  • Mozilla Firefox version 2 and above
  • Apple Safari version 5 and above
  • Opera version 9 and above (including Opera mobile)
  • Android Browser version 3 and above
07-Mar-2014: New onload handler. Much smaller file size.
15-Nov-2011: Improved - now four different showflakes.
05-Nov-2006: First release.
STEP 1: Copy and paste the code below so that it sits between the <head> and </head> tags at the top of your web-page:

CLICK HERE to select the above script ready to paste it into your clipboard. Be careful - it is a long script.
STEP 2: Change the parameters at the top of the script to play around with the settings.
THAT'S IT When your page loads, snowflakes should begin snowing down your web-page, just like it is on this page, which looks very wintery.

Copyright notice: All scripts are © copyright You can use them wherever and whenever you wish, however the copyright notice at the start of the script should remain intact and a link back to this page would be appreciated. The address for this page is:

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